Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pogonip Magic by Karen Collett Wilson, Children's Animal Stories, Northern Nevada Stories

This is a darling story of the interaction between the resident cat population of northern Nevada and the wild deer population. I chose this book solely because I received this adorable letter from my little boy:

Dear Mom,

I read a book called Pogonip Magic by Karen Collett Wilson. It was about a deer that took care of a cat by licking him. I think you would like the book because you like cats. My favorite part of the book is when the cat closed his eyes and purred. I hope you will read this book soon.

Love, Your Son

Thank You Angel, Will Do!

Bonnie Worthington
Author, New Chidren's Train Book--Engine Ed's Colorful Train

Friday, January 9, 2009

Winter's Gift, by Jane Monroe Donovan

This is a wonderful story. In the new year many people are filled with hope. If you haven't found a reason to have your hope, perhaps this story might inspire you.

In this beautiful hard-cover, children's story, an old man loses hope because his wife died. While she lived, one of his favorite memories was how they would find and decorate their Christmas tree together and how she would put the white star on the top. The star was her perpetual symbol of hope.

On Christmas Eve one year while in his kitchen, the old man hears a noise outside and investigates. There he finds a lost mare lying in the snow. He brings her into his barn and they both fall asleep. In the morning, when he awakes, he sees the mare has had a baby, on whose forehead there is a perfect white star. The old man realized he was given a special gift and felt hope for his tomorrows.

This book gets five stars from me! :-)

Bonnie Worthington
Author, children's train book Engine Ed's Colorful Train

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Mom Song, By the Go Fish Guys, (Smart Guys)

I love this video. I realize this blog is mostly about books for kids, but this video is just the best. The Go Fish Guys have us moms all figured out. Just watch the video if you haven't already. It will make you smile. My little boy loves it.

My favorite part about the song is at the very end when one of they guys says about moms, "No one could afford that anyway." That always makes me giggle.


Bonnie Worthington
Author, Children's train story book Engine Ed's Colorful Train