Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Puppy Place, Scout

This fun book is about a German Shepherd puppy, Scout, who learns all about becoming a search and rescue dog. Scout is number 7 in the cute series Puppy Place by Ellen Miles where every puppy finds a home. The Peterson family is a foster family for puppies. Charles and Lizzie, the main characters, are active in finding Scout a home.

Meg, a friend of the Peterson family has a grown German Shepherd dog named Casey who is a veteran search and rescue dog. Meg teaches Charles and Lizzy some dog training tips. The childrren get their classroom to sponsor Casey which means they contribute to her upkeep, like vet bills, equipment, and food. Soon, Casey goes on assignment far away. Meg keeps the kids in the class updated via email. I won't give away the ending because its a fun read. It's a great story that all children will love because everyone loves a puppy.

Most puppy place books have ten small chapters. These books are suitable for parents to read

Bookmom, BW
Author, Engine Ed's Colorful Train